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Get rich with richer data:

Payment and data future strategies

Webinar for Nordic Banks

Event date March 22, 2022

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Agenda & Speakers

The payments industry is constantly evolving and has been for decades. Where are we today and why? Let’s take a closer look in light of recent changes and into the future. CGI's experts Ainsley Ward and Robert Book discuss about Request to Pay as the data driver for ISO 20022 and presenting a case example from NeoBank. 



Ainsley Ward

Vice President, Payments Consulting Services

With more than 20 years of international banking and payments experience, Ainsley is a recognized industry thought leader and leads business development for CGI's Payments Solutions. Previously, he worked on modernization and open banking initiatives in Canada and as a banking subject matter expert for CGI in Belgium. With experience in working with banks on every continent, Ainsley is well versed in the demands of payment market modernization, finding opportunities from mandatory change and guiding banks to better outcomes.



Robert Book

Vice President, Payment Consulting,
CGI Sweden

Robert has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services area. He leverages the latest developments in business models, processes, technologies and customer behaviours to simplify and enhance payments. Robert has extensive experience in business development and innovation and holds a master’s degree in computer science and engineering.


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