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Sanctions Compliance and Combating Terrorist Financing​

Webinar for Nordic Banks

May 10, 2022

12 pm - 12:40 pm CET (Sweden, Norway, Denmark)

13 pm CEE (Finland, Baltics)

The webinar presentations are 30 minutes after which attendees can choose to stay for a Q&A. If you have a busy schedule you may just stay for the presentation. Welcome!

Webinaari 4 - risk and regulation


Webinar topics


John Evans, Head of CGI’s financial crime solutions business, presents: 

  • Best practices in payments screening in the real-time world​
  • Achieving effectiveness and efficiency​
  • Case 1 When fuzzy matching isn’t enough​
  • Case 2 client story - automated decisioning​




John Evans

Director, Financial Crime Solutions, CGI


John is the head of CGI’s financial crime solutions business. He has 28 years of experience delivering business solutions and consultancy services to banks worldwide and, over the past 12 years, has focused on risk and compliance issues. John has written about financial crime in leading publications such as the Financial Times and Banking Technology and Electronic Payments International and has spoken at financial crime conferences in the UK, the Netherlands and France. John has substantial experience advising clients on customer scanning, payments filtering and suspicious activity detection and also has worked as part of industry exchange groups with government financial intelligence units in the UK and abroad.

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Other webinars in the Nordic Banking event series

Payment and data future strategies​ webinar 1 banner

Payment and data future strategies​


CGI’s experts Robert Book and Ainsley Ward give insights about the following topics:​

  • Request to Pay as the data driver for ISO 20022​ with case: Nordic Neobank​
  • Get rich with richer data

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The future of card based payments - webinar 2 banner

The future of card based payments


What does the future of card based payments look like? CGI experts Rita Howling and Vidar Berghset discuss the trends which include for example security, seamless customer experience, relevant loyalty and benefits functionalities, 360 technologies, real time qualifications and redemptions.​ 

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You Get What You Measure Sustainability and ESG Getting Transformative - webinari 3 banner

You Get What You Measure: Sustainability and ESG Getting Transformative


  • ESG offering global view, local Nordic perspective, data, data, data not just proxies and estimations​
  • Sustainability transforms businesses: 5Rs to address status​
  • ESG data infrastructure needed: ESG data pilot projects

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